“Her rich attire creeps rustling to her knees”

STRUMPET & PINK was founded in January 2002 by artists Melanie Probert and Lisa Z Morgan; a capricious idea that began life on the back of a tube ticket. The knickers were fabric imaginings that were a hybrid between pieces of art and expressions of desires. The cottage industry approach to making, combined with a love of narrative and irreverent humor, along with the questioning of what a single garment could embody from an experiential perspective, disrupted notions of representation and meaning and had STRUMPET & PINK receiving international recognition. There is no doubt that STRUMPET & PINK’s influence on the lingerie industry has been significant and in the quest to create the ‘perfect’ pair of knickers they were defined as “pioneering the trend of handmade lingerie.”* STRUMPET & PINK knickers have featured in seven books, a multitude of magazines, are in various private collections, the RISD Museum, Providence and Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

*Tomczak, Sarah. Panties: A brief history. Dorling Kindersley, A Penguin Company, 2004

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